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Apostille Stamp Document Legalisation Service in London

Embassy Authentication Certificates

As a private individual or representative of a business, you may sometimes have to legalise your documents for international use. To protect the rights and property of their citizens, an embassy, foreign organisation, or consulate may require that you ensure the authenticity of the documents that you submit.

To legalise a document, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office have to attach an embassy authentication certificate, also known as an Apostille, to confirm that the UK Government authorises the Notary Public who signed the document.

Apostille Legalisation Services from a Central London Office

If a foreign authority requires certification from the FCO, you need the services of a Public Notary that understands the importance of getting documents legalised within the shortest time and that can help you save money by assembling your documentation into sets.

At My Public Notary London, we can help you legalise all documents, including educational documents, certificates, business documents, grant of probate documents, and more.

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Fast and Reliable

My Public Notary London is Public Notaries that are appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Our team of notaries are highly skilled and reputable, and we will go the extra mile to ensure that you get your documents legalised within the shortest time possible.

Our advice is also based on years of experience, so you can rest assured that you are receiving a reliable notarial service.

What You Need to Know

What is an Apostille Stamp?

An Apostille Stamp is a certificate that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office attach to a document to confirm that the document is genuine and that the UK Government authorised the Notary Public that signed the document.

All Hague Apostille Member Countries can recognise an Apostille stamp that the FCO attached to a document. The Hague Conference on Private International Law is an intergovernmental organisation that aims to align cross-border transactions, applications, and agreements.

Which Countries Require an Apostille Stamp?

When you submit documents, for example, your passport, to a foreign authority, you may find that there are primarily three different levels of legalisation, namely simple legalisation, Apostille, and consular legalisation. The level of legalisation that applies to you depends on the different country’s legalisation requirements.

Most of the British Commonwealth countries and U.S. states don’t require an Apostille. If a country is a member of the Hague Convention, however, your documents will, in all likelihood, need an Apostille to make it legal in that country.

If a country is neither a British Commonwealth country nor a member country of the Hague Convention, your documents will require an Apostille as well as Consular legalisation.

What You’ll Need

To legalise your documents and be issued with an Apostille certificate, you need to bring an original or copy of the document. Some countries require the original while others don’t.

The Apostille issuing service may also require from you to provide your credit card or bank transfer details to confirm that you will be able to pay their fees.

You will also have to provide your contact details and address. In the event of a concern or problem, the Apostille issuing service may give you a phone call to get more information or to let you know when the Apostille certification is ready.

Documents Legalised

Below is a list of the different documents we can legalise in one day. If it is an emergency situation, we can legalise the document in one hour. Keep reading to learn more.

Birth Certificates

An Apostille certificate confirms the authenticity of the document as well as the signature, seal, or stamp on the UK document. The Apostille allows for submission to overseas authorities and representatives in the UK.

Marriage Certificates

An Apostille stamp confirms the validity of the marriage certificate and the signature, seal, or mark on the document. When FCO attaches the Apostille certificate, you will be able to submit the certificate to foreign authorities or representatives in the United Kingdom like the embassy or consulate.

Death Certificates

An Apostille stamp legalises a death or coroners’ certificate for use overseas or with a representative in the country. The stamp confirms the authenticity of the document as well as the mark, seal, or signature.

Degree Certificates

A degree certificate Apostille seal confirms the authenticity of the institution’s stamp as well as any other seal or signature on the document. The Apostille also verifies the authenticity of the document.

Legalising the document allows for use overseas or the relevant country’s representatives, for example, the embassy or consulate.

Other Notary Public Services in London

My Notary Public London offers a wide range of high-end notarial services in London. Apart from Apostille services to corporate and individual clients, we also provide the following:

–    Drawing up and witnessing powers of attorney for use in other countries,

–    Facilitating property transactions that take place outside the UK,

–    The preparation of documents during the administration of estates of people who live or own property in another country,

–    Assisting with data protection privacy notices,

–    Authenticating documents for immigration, emigration, or international marriages and work applications, and

–    Verifying documents and transactions for companies

In essence, our service links documents that are legal in the UK with legal systems in other countries. In 2018, there are a lot of people who interact with regulatory authorities abroad on a regular basis.

To many businesses, notarisation takes up a lot of valuable time. The good news is that they can leave notary activities, including the administration of translations, official overseas policies, and data requests by authorities in our hands.

Before working with us, schedule a free phone consultation to learn more about our services. To find out more about our terms of service, the process we follow and as our policy, visit our website or send us an email.