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Corporate Notary Public Services

Corporate Notarisations

Many companies in the UK will often have to execute documents in the course of their day-to-day business activities. These documents include, amongst other things:

–    Property, employment, and partner contracts,

–    Resolutions, Powers of Attorney, and banking agreements,

–    Documents relating to a privacy policy, copyright, data, and intellectual property,

–    Real estate development and commercial construction certificates,

–    Application forms relating to identity documents, litigation, and civil disputes,

–    Application documentation regarding insolvency, financing, and taxes

–    Companies House documents, and

–    Documentation required by overseas authorities to approve international transactions.

Most of the documents listed above require a signature from individuals that represent the business to demonstrate that the firm acknowledges the terms of the document.

If a foreign regulatory authority is involved, the document may also have to be certified by a Notary Public. The legal role of the notary is to provide information and to confirm:

–    The identity of the people who signed on behalf of the family, estate, or commercial entity,

–    How the individuals are linked to the company, for example, whether they are management or a legal professional like a lawyer,

–    That the signers were of sound mind at the time of the signing, and that they understood the contents and legal effect of the document.

–    That the business existed at the time of signing as well as its primary details, for example, company name, registered office address, and phone and fax numbers,

–    That the company executed the document by following English corporate law.

Companies that frequently deal with regulation authorities in different areas and that service clients internationally will find that the time they spend on notarial issues can quickly become problematic.

By working with a team like My Notary Public London, your business will be able to free up a large chunk of your limited time so that you can focus on providing your clients with quality service.

Other Notarial Services in London

In 2018, new technology allows businesses to provide reach clients on a global level and provide them with high-quality products and services.

Unfortunately, these advantages come at a price. To carry out a primary transaction or to close a deal may require time-consuming legal procedures, formalities, and a lot of work. The good news is that My Notary Public London is waiting to partner with your company and take care of these redundancies.

My Notary Public London is a member of the Notaries Society. We are a team of reputable Notaries that have years of experience in helping private induvial with corporate notary services as well as other notarial services.

If you are dealing with foreign authorities, you don’t have to spend hours doing online searching, or reading up on articles to help you out. Just give us a call or send us an email. We are available to help you at a moment’s notice.

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