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Notary Public Fees

How Much Do You Charge for Notarial Acts?

Like most other Notary Publics in the UK, My Notary Public London assesses our fees primarily on an hourly charging rate. Not all notary services are the same, however, and fixed charges may apply, depending on the particular service.

When it comes to standard notarial acts like notarising a one-page document, we charge a standard fixed fee of £60 with extra charges for every additional document that you want us to notarise. At your request and an additional price, we can also furnish you with a notarial certificate.

We charge no VAT on these fees. Keep reading to learn more about our services. At the price breakdown section below, we will be discussing the costs for more extensive notarial matters.

Welcome to My Notary Public London’s Website

Dealing with foreign authorities can be stressful and confusing, especially if you have to submit your documents within a limited time, and if you don’t understand all the overseas requirements that the documents have to meet.

Welcome to My Notary Public London, a member of The Notaries Society. We understand that you may find the process of submitting documentation stressful. We also understand what the requirements that you have to meet, whether you are an individual that has to provide an overseas application for employment or a representative of a business.

We offer everything you need, including a 24-hour Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) document notarisation service for when you need a quick turnaround.

The Archbishop of Canterbury appointed our team of highly qualified and experienced Notary Publics to fulfil all your notarisation needs. We deliver a service that is reputable and centred around your specific needs.

If you are looking for a Notary Public that is reliable and that values results, communication, and integrity, look no further than My Notary Public London. Keep reading to learn more about the functions of a Notary Public, and how we will go about to make sure you are successful in using your documents overseas.

What Does a Notary Public Do?

Notary Publics are a part of an independent branch of the legal system and are not necessarily solicitors.

In essence, a Notary Public makes use of a mechanism called legalisation to ensure that a document that is valid according to English law is also valid for legal use in a foreign country. Notary Publics, therefore, act like links between the English legal system and any overseas legal system.

A Notary Public has two primary functions: authenticating a document for use abroad and verifying the identity and capacity of the person signing the document. A notarial act backs the trustworthiness and legal reliability of a document by all parties, governments, and officials.

The Faculty Office regulates all notarial work in the country and offers the highest possible standards of confidentiality. Professional indemnity insurance and a Compensation Fund cover the notarial practice.

There are a wide variety of notarial services. A Notary Public can assist you with any of the following:

–    Witnessing of transactions and events

–    Attesting transactions and events

–    The legalisation of documents for local and international use

–    Overseeing the translation of foreign documents into English and vice versa

–    Verifying the translation of documents from foreign languages into English and vice versa

–    Attesting execution of documents

–    Authenticating documents for adoption by overseas authorities

–    Taking declarations, Affidavits, Oaths, and acknowledgements as Commissioner for Oaths

–    Drawing up Lasting Powers of Attorney for use in foreign countries

–    Issuing notarial certificates that certify that copies of documents, signatures, and the execution of documents are genuine.

In some cases, a foreign authority or consular body may require additional authentication of a document by requesting confirmation from the U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the Notary Public’s signature and seal.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office will provide this confirmation by attaching an official certificate to the document. This certificate is called an Apostille and is a form of legalisation of a document.

The FCO’s ability to confirm the validity of Notary Public’s signature and seal is because they have all the seals and signatures of Notary Publics and other registrars of births, deaths, and marriages on record.

Whether you have to attach an Apostille to the document depends on the circumstances and the international regulations or consulate involved. My Notary Public London offers these FCO legalisation services to clients that need them.

According to the Money Laundering Regulations 2007, Notary Publics have to keep evidence of their clients’ identity and addresses before they can provide them with notarial services.

When you give us an instruction to certify your signature, you have to furnish us with one of the following original documents:

–    Your passport

–    Your driving licence with a photo card

–    A national identity card if you are an EEA state member

–    An armed force pass containing your photo and signature

–    A firearms license containing your photo and signature

–    Any other government issue ID containing your photo and signature

–    Your residence permit

–    Your benefit book

–    An original notification letter from the Benefits Agency

In addition to providing proof of your identification, you also have to provide proof of residence by furnishing us with one of the following documents:

–    A bank statement or letter from the bank

–    A tenancy agreement or Housing Association rent card

–    Inland revenue tax demand or self-assessment statement

–    Utility bill or council tax bill

Price Breakdown

We always try to provide individuals with a fixed quote before we start working with them. Our notarised services are, however, comprehensive, and many factors can influence the total costs.

Apart from our fixed rate for standard notarial acts, we have an hourly rate for notarial services of £180 per hour. If your documents require further legalisation through an Apostille, the fee is £36 per document, including postage within the UK.

For addresses in Europe, the total Apostille fee amounts to £44.50 with postage included. If you live elsewhere in the world, the total cost for an Apostille is £55 per document with postage included.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office offers a 24-hour Apostille service in London that costs an additional £75 per document and does not include our fees.

Contact Me to Arrange an Appointment

If you need any of the services listed above, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

When you make an appointment, remember to bring the necessary documents with to prove your identity and house address to our office, as well as other documents containing the terms between you and an overseas party.

When you are dealing with regulated matters such as overseas copyright registrations, transfer of data, or other highly technical transaction, we will ensure that all relevant parties are issued with documents and notices that adheres to all applicable requirements.

Notary Public in London

We offer personal help to personal as well as business clients. As a certified notary public in London, our policy is to go the extra mile to provide you with advice and ensure the protection of your privacy and property. We also keep all the content of all documentation private and confidential.

Finding the time to search for information on international transactions and their requirements yourself can be frustrating. Contact My Notary Public today, and leave all the work to us.

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