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The Notarisation Process

What We Do

As an economically active person or representative of a company, you may find yourself in a situation where you have to submit legal documentation to another country. The problem is that document that has legal effect in the UK may not have the same legal weight regarding another country’s laws.

A Notary Public’s service links the document in question with the legal system of the country that will receive the document.

What’s Involved in Notarising Documents?

The role of a Notary Public is to prove to all authorities and parties involved in a cross-border interaction that a document is trustworthy and authentic by notarising the document. This is often notarial acts and involves establishing and certifying that:

–    The document is authentic,

–    The signature is real,

–    The signer did not sign the document under duress or intimidation,

–    The terms in the document are legally binding.

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How Long Will It Take to Notarise My Documents?

This depends on the requirements of the country and foreign authority in question. If you have to obtain an Apostille certification, it can take a day or longer, but if you have to obtain an embassy attestation, it can take as long as 5 or 6 workdays.

What Will I Need to Bring to Get My Documents Notarised?

To ensure that the process goes as planned, make sure that you bring the document with all fields filled in, except for your signature as the Notary Public has to see you sign the document.

You should also bring sufficient identification in the form of a passport or drivers’ license so that the Notary Public can verify your identity. Depending on your agreement, you should also bring the Notary’s fee.

Which Countries Require Notarising?

Almost all countries require notarising, but the certain countries may only require a Notarial certificate and not an Apostille from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office or embassy attestation.

What different countries need from you is determined by if they are a British Commonwealth country or if they are a member of the Hague Convention.

What Type of Documents can be Notarised?

Documents we work with usually have to do with buying or selling immovable property, providing a Lasting Power of Attorney, or applying for a job or visa.

What Other Notarial Services do you Offer?

In essence, our job is to explain to you what you have to do to submit your documents to an overseas authority and to make sure that your documents meet their requirements.

We also oversee and validate the translation of documents, administer the acquisition of Apostille certificates and embassy attestations, and verify corporate documents and transactions for businesses.

In addition to the above notarial services, we also prepare documents during the administration of estates of people who live or own assets in another country.

Our most common work involves the authentication of documents for immigration, emigration, or international marriages and work applications.

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