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Notary Translation Service

My Notary Public London offers a wide range of notary translation services for documents. We check, oversee, and verify translations of many different languages, including German, Russian, and French. We also oversee translations of these languages into English.

We work closely with professional translators to ensure that the content of your documents is an accurate version of the English original. We translate your documents at the same as we obtain Apostille certifications or embassy attestations to save as much time as possible.

It can also happen that the foreign authority wants the Apostille stamp to be translated as well. If you are not sure what the requirements are, check with the overseas supplier or recipient of the document.

Although it is possible to translate online for free, My Notary Public London only works with professional and experienced native translation companies to ensure maximum accuracy.

The most common documents that need to be translated into other languages include birth certificates, marriage certificates, corporate or commercial documents, and Lasting Powers of Attorney.

You can also contact us to oversee translations of memorandums, articles of association, and written agreements and contracts.

Since our objective is to prevent rejection and ensure the most accurate translation, we work with multiple translators, depending on their native tongue. One official translator may be proficient at, say, Spanish, but their translation abilities concerning other languages may be lacking.

When the translation is complete, we will certify the translation by having the document proofread and preparing a sheet that confirms the accuracy of the document.

Depending on the requirements, we will then arrange for one of our solicitors to sign the translation, or we can issue an apostille to certify the translation.

If you are submitting documents to a country that is neither a Commonwealth member country nor a member country of the Hague Convention, we may have to conduct an embassy translation. Make sure that you know what the requirements are regarding embassy translations.

Some embassies will recommend a translator that they prefer and others will stipulate that the document should be translated at the embassy on a specific date. We will work with you to meet the particular application and submission requirements.

Other Notarial Services in London

Apart from overseeing and verifying document translations, we also offer a number of other notarisation services in London, including:

–    Witnessing and attesting of transactions and events

–    The legalisation of documents for local and international use by obtaining Apostille certificates from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

–    Executing the attestation of documents at the relevant country’s representative authority

–    Authenticating documents for adoption by overseas authorities

–    Taking declarations, Affidavits, Oaths, and acknowledgements as Commissioner for Oaths

–    Drawing up Lasting Powers of Attorney for use in foreign countries

–    Issuing notarial certificates that certify that copies of documents, signatures, and the execution of documents are genuine.

Our notarial service links the legality of your documents with the legal system of the country in question. To learn more, please feel free to give us schedule a free phone call consultation.